Slovene most famous artists interpret Bob Dylan’s songs!

Sabina Cvilak & Rok Golob, foto: Žiga Koritnik (c) 2011On September 21st, our Bob Dylan Project hits the stage! 13 of Slovenia’s best music artists will perform at Križanke. The program will feature possibly the best single line-up to grace a Slovenian stage in a long time: · Vlado Kreslin· Zoran Predin· Peter Lovšin· Laibach· Niet· Mia Žnidarič and Steve Klink Trio· Katalena· Severa Gjurin· Murat in Jose· Chris Eckman & the Frictions· Brina· Hic et nunc· Sabina Cvilak (and Rok Golob)

Like the CD, the concert will be held to raise awareness about volunteerism, and civil society issues. NGO booths will be set up at in the courtyard, starting at 6:00.

Please join us

Source: U.S. Embassy Ljubljana