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  1. Hi Sabina,

    I have to confess I had not heard of you ( my apologies) before this concert on Your voice was absolutely stunning and I must admit you brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I look forward to listening to you again. Have you produced any CD’s?

    Yours admiringly


  2. Love From Ireland

    Smo videli na koncertu v ponedeljek zvečer z Andrea Bocelli. Bili ste
    čudoviti! Lahko opera narodi sprememb koncert čustvenega stanja na
    bolje? Definitivno ja. Najlepša hvala za vaše čudovito predstavo Sabina
    Najlepše želje,
    John (Od Irska)

    Please excuse my poor Slovenian language!!

  3. We saw you in concert on Monday night with Andrea Bocelli. You were
    magnificent!!! Can an opera concert change peoples emotional condition for the
    better? Definitely yes. Thank you so much for your wonderful performance
    Best wishes,
    John (From Ireland)

  4. Andrea Bocelli concert in Manchester

    I would just like to say that I attended the Andrea Bocelli concert in Manchester and I so very much enjoyed hearing Sabina Cvilak sing. Her voice is absolutely wonderful. She made the evening all the more enjoyable.

    Janet Johnston

  5. Just to tell you that we saw you at a concert in Manchester last weekend and you are the most wonderful singer I have ever heard. Your voice brought both my daughter to tears and I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed your performance.

    We will look at your concerts next year and will come and see you wherever and whatever opera you are in.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful experience and please take care of that wonderful voice.

  6. I just want to congratulate you on your performance as Mimí in Boheme staged in Helsinki last Friday, January 7th. Great soprano.
    Gianni Zoldan (from Trieste, temporarily in Finland)

  7. Gentile Signora Sabina Cvilak
    Le scrivo poche righe per complimentarmi per la Sua bravura e simpatia come
    Le faccio i miei più sinceri complimenti per il carisma, la bellezza e la
    professionalità che La rendono unica nel panorama artistico operistico
    Lei è davvero una magnifica soprano dalla vocalità autorevole e ben timbrata;
    alcuni amici melomani mi hanno riferito che Lei è anche una validissima
    interprete ed è inoltre dotata di irreprensibili qualità sceniche.
    Spero di poterLa vedere cantare nella mia città quanto prima.
    Le scrivo chiedendoLe cortesemente una Sua Foto con Autografo. Sarei molto
    contento d’averla.
    La ringrazio anticipatamente fin da ora.
    Un “in bocca al lupo” per la Sua carriera e per la Sua vita privata.
    Con affetto e stima Cesare


  8. Dearest Sabina!

    What to write that you don’t already know… Not only you are an amazing singer with the most beautiful color in your voice, you are also an amazing friend and I am very happy that I have you in my life.
    Hope to hear you on our home stage once more. I wish you all the best with your new challenges. Knock the rest of the world off their feet!

    Hugs and kisses,

  9. Draga Sabina,
    iz daljne Francije kjer tudi zivim, sem zaslisala tvoj glas in se odlocila da ti moram povedati koliko mi pomeni tvoje petje !
    Jaz sem se pred 6 leti zacela uciti peti in vem kolilo je tesko operno petje.
    Na skrivnost pa upam da bo nekoc slovenska pevka na top nivoju !
    Ko sem zaslisala tvoj glas mi je bilo jasno : ti bos bila tista !
    Prepricana sem da bos uspela !

    Srecno in kmalu izdaj kaksno plosco !

    Hvala za vse kar si nam podarila in za vse kar se bos !


  10. Chère Sabina

    Que de regrets de ne pas être allé vous entendre en concert l’an passé à Londres….je viens encore d’écouter vos airs d’opéras et c’est vraiment de grands moments…BRAVO…BRAVO et MERCI.

  11. Dear Sabina,

    I trust you must have had a safe flight out of Mumbai and you are probably singing somewhere else in the world already.

    I write this e-mail to you to tell you how beautiful your singing was on both days. Even Leoncavallo himself would have said “Bravo” !!

    In Mumbai, I had told you that your Mimi’s aria from “La Boheme” was as good as Renata Tebaldi.
    I will now go a step further and say that your “Nedda” was far superior to Renata Scotto, Victoria de Los Angeles, and Zinka Milanov.

    It is your superb breathing technic, coupled with clear vocalisation that makes even your softest pianissimi float all the way to the very back of the Opera House. Add to that your enchanting stage presence, and we have in you an extraordinary artiste.

    I, along with all my Opera loving friends do hope that you will come again in the not too distant future and bless us with your singing.

    Very warm regards,

    Dr Cavas Bilimoria
    Physician to the Symphony Orchestra of India
    National Centre for the Performing Arts

  12. Hello

    Just want to tell you that you gave me an experience for life in Trondheim today, 12. March. You was the absolutely best singer on that stage tonight i Turandot.
    Thank you..!!!

    Lp tvoja velika oboževalka Mateja

    • Ciao Roman,

      Danke fur dein Kommentar. Es bedeutet mir viel.
      Alles bestens,


  14. Lovely Sabina,

    I hope you are very well.
    I just wanted to say hello again, I don’t know if you remember but you signed one of my paintings a couple of years ago. Because of your kindness and encouragement Sabina I have had a few more portraits signed. Thank you so much for supporting my artwork in the early days.
    You are more beautiful than ever, as is your fantastic voice.
    I still have the lovely little note you kindly sent me with your portrait.

    Lots of love,
    Deborah Roberts.
    Self-taught artist.

  15. Hello Sabina. I saw you sing in Britten’s War Requiem in London last year and it was a wonderful, brilliant performance. Do you have any plans to sing again in London any time soon?
    Thanks, Peter

    • Dear Peter,

      Thank you for your email. In next 6 months I don’t have any plans in London but I hope this will change soon. Anyway, if you follow my page you can see all my concert plans.
      Thank you,


  16. Spoštovana gospa Sabina,
    ravnokar sem prišla domov z Opere, z vašega koncerta samospevov. Danes sem vas prvič poslušala. Povabila me je vaša glasbena kolegica Zdenka G. Brez besed sem, res. Čudovito, prekrasno, božansko. Ste angel, zelo lepa in s prečudovitim glasom. Želim vam še veliko veliko uspešnih pevskih nastopov. Čestitke.
    Vse dobro in lep pozdrav
    Sabi Perdan

  17. Hi Sabina,

    we just heard your Fiordiligi in Cologne: Absolutely outstanding!!

    thank for this great event!

    Barbara and Ralf

  18. I just discovered your marvelous voice and range. But might you be a mezzo?

  19. Hi, Sabina

    Greetings from Mexico.
    You’re a great singer, and I like your voice since I saw the iTunes Festival. When planning to go to Mexico?

    Your fan


  20. Your last act in Helsinki was amazing!! As we Finns are very discreet and shy as audience – few stood up for the final applauding – But the way everybody was holding their breath, told that you were absolutely adored!! Spread your golden wings and fly <3

  21. Sabina:
    Le he decubierto por Internet en el concierto iTunes del año pasado en compañía de Andrea Bocelli. Permítame decirle que su voz es extraordinaria.
    Reciba un saludo desde Colombia, la mejor esquina de América Latina.

    Jaime Alberto

    • Bon dia Sabrina des de Catalonia.
      Hem esmorçat unes torrades veient el concert de war requiem opus 66. Ens has deixat bocavadats. Impressionant. Best regards.

  22. I just came across your work. Looking forward to your performance of the Britten on Remembrance Sunday.

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